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Anaya Medical Group DEPARTMENTS

Pharmaceuticals Division
We supply pharmaceutical items through tenders in the region. We are offering a wide range of products and services to our customers.
Medical Equipment including Critical Care, ER, NICU & PICU Products. Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) for conditions such as severe infection, poisoning, drug overdose, trauma, extensive surgery, congenital anomalies or immunological disorders.
Medical Consumables & Disposables
We offer a wide range of medical consumables & Disposables products, Our aim is to provide the best quality products & services. This is our commitment to our Clients & Partners in the healthcare system.
Medical Textile
We supply Medical uniforms & medical textiles from global leading manufacturers. Our medical uniforms comes with new technology that is with Antimicrobial, Fluid Barrier & Cooling Technology
Laboratory Products
We are offering many laboratory equipment & consumables, which includes scientific or technological research products.
We offer IT solutions to our customers with innovative software. We work with many medical software developer companies in the world.
Medical Equipment
We are offering many Medical Equipment.
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